Sleep in a Trullo

15/ Jul
16/ Jul


The Borgo Canonica experience goes beyond the unique experience of sleeping in a Trullo in the earth of Apulia.
The 42 trulli of the Borgo, 15 suites in total, are easily reachable by our electric machines.
Here, where every detail recalls an ancient ritual that made the history of the Borgo, you will experience an high natural comfort and design that remember the materials and the colours of the traditions.

Deluxe Lamia

The only suite different from the others from the architectural point of view.
It doesn’t have the classic cone , the typical shape of an Apulian trullo, but it has the shape of an arch that reminds of the natural vault of a cave and It takes the name from this peculiar characteristic.


The perfection of the authenticity.
The suites, historical homes turned in wellness alcoves for the souls wee-being have a story to tell, hidden by the dry stones, all marked by the good scent of lime and aromatic herbs from the near gardens. let you senses guide you discovering Borgo Canonica.


A strict concept of beauty. Natural material like wood, iron and glass coexist harmoniously with the ancient stone architectures.
In the Borgo Canonica superior rooms you will discover the most authentic side of Itria valley.


Shades of green will welcome the suite deluxe guests in the beautiful Apulia, where “essentiality” is the key word to live a slow life experience.

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