In the territory of valle d’Itria and especially in Martina Franca, Cisternino,Llocorotondo and Alberobello, is possible to taste the typical “bombette”, meat rolls stuffed with cheese, salt, pepper, and once you bite them, they will astonish you. Usually grill cooked or straight on the butchery flame, bombette and local bread are the perfect street food. You can try all the different kind of them, and the recipes are, of course, a secret.


Produced by family farms with strong traditions, the “green gold” of Apulia is renowned all over the world: many of them won several awards for the excellent production.local companies produce many different kinds of EVO oil (extravirgin olive oil), from different kinds of olives. The oil is extracted from the best olives grown in perfect conditions. An intense yellow with green reflection, enriches every meal with an intense fragrance of fresh olives.


The Cisternino oaks and the mild air are the main characters of a long story of taste. The bark of this tree is specifically used for the smoking process of this traditional product. The capocollo of martina franca , appreciated everywhere in italy and europe is the symbol of this story. The specific part is between the head and the spinal column of the pork and it’s between 2,5 and 4 kg weight. The ingredients that makes this product so precious and tasty are : salt, pepper, herbs, local spices and cooked wine.

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